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Mowing and Strimming

Grass Cutting

Mown Lawn

We will mow any size of lawn to a high standard.

We can do a one-off cut to gain control of a grassed area for a special event, and we also look after many of our clients on a contractual basis with regular mowing.


We can trim where the mower won't mow.

Overgrown areas and long meadow grass can all be tidied up with the strimmer.

Turfing and Seeding

Creating a new lawn requires time and care. We know what it takes to prepare soil, enabling good turfs to be layed or seeds to be sown creating the perfect lawn area.

Newly Turfed Pile of Turfs

We can transform areas or old lawns by removing greenery, preparing the soil and creating new shapes or levels with new turf or grass seed.

Mown Lawn